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Dating Tip By Melody Jensen

Anticipation for a date delivers success! Next time you ask someone out, ask him or her at least 2 weeks in advance! Build up the momentum by giving little hints and clues to their exciting Future Date. Your clues and hints can be given with cards, gifts, verbal and visual clues. Tease them and make them have Anticipation!


Pamper your man! We as women today are becoming busier than ever! When was the last time you scrubbed his back in the shower, rubbed his feet with essential oils, or gave him a facial and massage.  Set a romantic date to pamper him only for at least 1 hour per week, and watch what happens to your relationship. Men in today’s world are starving for this because we career women and mothers have so much on our plate, juggling career and family. What you give is what you receive! 
Through your example, hopefully it will be reciprocated soon!


by Melody Jensen
Do you want more Lebido in your relationship?
Did you know that most of your female problems could be solved with just giving a little more appreciation, recognition and love?

Women are verbal! What you say to them is remembered for days, months and years!

Today and everyday complement them on what you love about them, and recognize what they do.If you learn this #1 tip, you’ll receive all the Lebido, love and appreciation you’ve always dreamed of having! 
The more you give, the more you receive!
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From the book, Single Smart 1993 Kelly Howard

Create A Sense of Belief…Open your heart to love and possibilities. There is something very rewarding and wonderful about being in a relationship that works, one that is loving, compatible, and committed. We all want that opportunity. When there is a lack of love in Life, relationships become something to “get”…something that may seem “hard to get.” Develop a sense of belief. There is someone wonderful in the world for you. Make sure you believe that and see the possibilities!

KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR… Make a shopping list. What are the qualities that you are attracted to? Write them out, physically, emotionally, spiritually. What are your values? What is negotiable and what is non-negotiable? What do you want your relationship to be like? Is it a lot of time spent together or is it freedom as you please, knowing you are there for each other? Or is it somewhere between? Get a clear picture of what you want.

ARE YOU MOVING TOWARDS OR RUNNING AWAY FROM…Are you moving towards a wonderful relationship or are you running away from loneliness? There is power in reaching for what you want. You give your power and your life away when you are afraid and running. Take control and take action.

CULTIVATE YOUR LIFE…Every day commit to being a little happier, healthier, and more loving. Are you existing or are you living? If you do not have someone to share your life with today, it does not mean life can’t be exciting and fun. It may just take a little more work. We all have dreams. Make sure you are moving toward your dreams and that your life is not on hold. If you are in a rut, climb out and get moving!

BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO MEET…Often people look for someone “perfect” or someone to fill what is missing in their life. If there are things that hinder you from having the relationship you desire, change them. We are all capable of growth and transition.

ACCEPT REJECTION FOR WHAT IT IS…We’ve all faced rejection. When you are single it seems to be looming. Rejection can hurt, but it goes away. Just keep in mind that rejection is nothing more than someone making a decision you did not want them to make. You do not know why they made that particular decision and you can’t control it. Don’t dwell on it.

LEARN GOOD CONVERSATION SKILLS…If you are shy; practice introducing yourself to a friend. If you talk too much, learn to listen. Be able to converse on interesting topics. Learn to carry on a conversation. Ask comfortable or flattering questions and then shut up and listen.

HAVE A SUPPORT SYSTEM…We all need love and we all need friends. Make sure you have friends to turn to when you need them and to laugh with, always. Revere those friends. Do not cancel plans with friends just because someone asks you on a date. Treat your friends as you would like to be treated.

TAKE ACTION…All the preparation in the world will not make a difference if you do not act on it. Get out, enjoy life, do things. Not for the sole purpose of meeting someone, but to keep life interesting and exciting. There are hundreds of opportunities to have fun and meet new people. Expand your horizons and experience new adventure! HAVE FUN!

Kelly Howard's Biography

Kelly Howard created her niche in the singles world by using her talent for knowing what is imperative for positive relationships, combined with the knowledge of where and how to meet people. As author of Single Smart, Single Source, Single 101, & Cyberdating (co-author) Kelly is nationally renowned as the Singles Specialist. She is the editor and publisher of Houston based SingleFile Magazine, now in its’ 14th year of publication and the “Advice Guru” for several websites. Kelly has made a difference in many people’s lives through her seminars and workshops conducted worldwide. In addition to her speaking and writing career, she is a frequent guest on radio and television and is the former host of “Just One Look” the television talk show for singles.

Kelly and Phil are in the process of preparing for an extended sailing trip and she plans to run her company, Calico Publishing, from the boat. She may be reached at (713) 935-8605 or by e-mail at Or, check out her website which will be online November 1, 2000, at