As Rich As You Want

By Thomas L. Pauley & Penelope J. Pauley

I remember seeing a bumper sticker in a gift shop several years ago.  It said, “Please God.  Let me prove to you money won’t spoil me.”  I almost bought it.  It seemed to sum up my feelings about the way my life was going at the time.  One test right after another.  I almost bought it to put on my car and I never put bumper stickers on my car.  Never.  This bumper sticker spoke to me.  So I almost bought it, except at the time I was flat broke and in the middle of my second bankruptcy.

Even then I was afraid to do the one thing that would eventually change my life forever.  Ask for help.  Because I learned to incorporate the ancient tool of ask and ye shall receive, I went from the lower rungs of economic survival to owning a house on a mountain top overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  My family drives big beautiful cars and we all live a wonderful and fruitful life because we learned to ask.  We learned how to ask the Universe for everything we ever wanted.

Learn to ask correctly and doors will open before your eyes.  Drive the car of your dreams, live the lifestyle you crave and fill your days with good friends, and a loving caring mate.   You can have whatever you want; all you have to do is ask.

One key to getting everything you want is accepting the good coming your way. The Universe meant for us to be rich. Accepting your own Good is essential to realizing the high estate the Universe has set for you.  Unless you accept the good you are given, nothing can come to you.  If someone offers to buy you lunch or give you free tickets to a ballgame you want to see, you must accept this gift. To refuse hurts both you and the giver. You are denied your gift.  The giver is denied the bounty of giving.

Your good is waiting for you now. Please open the door and let it in. My daughter and I have written a new and exciting book, I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am. It follows our family’s rise to wealth and happiness as we learned the step-by-step process and ancient secrets that allow us to have everything we ever wanted in life. Come visit us at our website You too can become Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Success Recipe

• 4 cups “Golden Rule”
• 5 cups understanding
• 3 cups love
• 4 quarts friendship
• 2 cups sincerity
• 2 spoons determination
• 1 cup willingness
• 1 barrel laughter

Take Melody Jensen’s philosophy and love, and mix thoroughly with sincerity. Blend with a willingness to serve and add understanding and friendship. Knead vigorously with determination. Let rise till goal is reached. Sprinkle abundantly with laughter. Bake with nature’s sunshine then serve generous helpings while hot!