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 “A Day You Won’t Forget!” 

Victims of Katrina, rescue workers and canine rescue animals in New Orleans and Biloxi Mississippi were given products to help them recover from this terrible disaster by Melody

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"Your Heart Will Go On" by Bonnie Luke

Four years ago in the summer of 1996, I lost my 13-year-old son Trevor to a drowning. The song “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion was one of his favorite songs and was performed at his funeral. In July of 1998 I lost my 17-year-old son Tyler the same exact way, drowning in a nearby lake. Both sons had no sign of illness or genetic syndromes.
My heart was broken and filled with despair. I turned to God in prayer for strength and courage to face the challenge of overcoming 2 great losses. Through inspiration, I decided to dedicate the song “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion for my second son, Tyler, at his funeral. Through much sorrow I carefully considered the options I had in life-
Option 1- Give up to despair and sorrow.
Option 2- Hold my head up high with a great attitude.

I came to realize that my life’s mission was to influence and uplift humanity and to inspire those that have suffered personal tragedy. My life’s mission is to help who ever has suffered to realize that “you’re heart will go on”. The interesting thing is that once I made the decision of what option to take, the opportunities and doors began to open up a whole new world of personal growth and development. For years people have told me I look just like Celine Dion. The Christmas of 1998 following the death of my second son Tyler, I decided to act upon the advice of friends and family and perform as a Celine Dion look alike at the prestigious Green Valley Health Spa in St. George, Utah, where I am presently the fitness director. I sang “My Heart Will Go On” and received an overwhelming response, which has led me to numerous performances nationwide. I now enjoy uplifting, and inspiring people to discover that personal tragedy and challenges help us grow and reach our full potential.
Don’t get discouraged, and have a heart full of gratitude for the blessings you do have. When your heart is full of gratitude there’s no room for self-pity. You too will discover that you’re heart will go on!
I look forward to assisting my sister, Melody Jaisson with ImageProfile.Net. I have used the Image Profile in countless ways for over 20 years in my physical fitness and nutrition career. Now I plan on getting involved with ImageProfile.Net’s humanitarian efforts and speakers bureau. I look forward to contributing and performing at ImageProfile.Net seminars worldwide.

Enthusiastically & Sincerely,

Bonnie Luke

P.S.- For future bookings, contact me through ImageProfile.Net, attn: Speakers Bureau

"Your Heart Will Go On"

By Gerard Moreno

My name is Gerard Moreno and I am 43 years old. When I was 24, I was shot in the chest during a home invasion robbery at point blank range with a .22 caliber gun. The bullet hit my vertebrae and shattered into my spinal cord at the T-8 (thoracic) level. In a second, I was a paraplegic, paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors told me that I was lucky to be alive; the bullet had torn half of my lung off and missed my heart by half an inch.

I considered myself to be in excellent shape, an athlete, on the track team as a pole-vaulter, playing high school football and an epee’ fencer on my college team. I was an avid skier and body surfer who loved all kinds of sports activities. I was living a very full life in all aspects and had bright plans for the future. I had dreams of someday making it to the Olympics in fencing.

I woke up after being shot with tubes coming out of everywhere; my nose, throat, arms, including my chest, which had four tubes going into what looked like an aquarium of bubbling blood at the end of my hospital bed. At the time, I thought living in a wheelchair would be the end of the world for me. I could not accept it for a long time, and at times, I contemplated suicide. I stayed in a state of anger and depression for months, thinking of the life I had lost and would never experience again. I was making myself miserable mentally, emotionally and spiritually, going deeper and deeper into desolation and despair.

Then, I hit bottom, I could not get any lower, and realized that it wasn’t over. I was lucky to have my arms and hands. I remember in my hospital, in the room across from mine, there was a quadriplegic C-3 (cervical). He had limited use of his hands and used an electric wheelchair. What was I doing feeling sorry for myself? I was still the same person with the same heart, brain, ambitions and dreams. If I were going to succeed, I would have to learn, adjust, adapt and be mentally focused and strong to overcome the new obstacles before me. I would become totally independent in every part of my life and start over.

I released my anger and decided to use this energy in a positive way. I was retrained in a computer-programming school and got the job as a data entry clerk. I started getting into sports by joining a wheelchair basketball team. I was aware I had to keep in shape physically to take advantage of any scientific breakthrough regarding spinal cord regeneration. I started meditating and developed my own philosophy about my connection with God, not a part of any religious group. I started to realize that I could make a difference to others helping to motivate other injured people in my same situation. It was a great feeling knowing I was helping another through a difficult time.

I was quickly promoted from clerk to programmer to senior analyst to database administrator. After awhile, I became “Manager of Information Systems” for a manufacturing company before starting my own business.

I participated in several spinal cord experimental programs, including one that was funded and is now in use across the country. I still have a dream of walking, but I’m not waiting for it to happen. I sit on the Board of Directors on two different, wonderful organizations. One makes it possible for the disabled to have fun skiing and the other helps them through hard times socially.

I started racing downhill and slalom in an off-road wheelchair about seven years ago. We race in specially built off-road chairs down the same courses as mountain-bikes all across the nation. I find it exhilarating to be out in nature going fast down a winding course. Last year, I captured the title of 1999 overall Downhill Off-Road Champion.

About five years ago, I started fencing again. It’s a lot different in a wheelchair (we are locked down in a frame), The action is much quicker but the game is still the same. My goal when I started fencing was to make the Paralympic Team for the 1996 Atlanta games. I missed making the team by a couple of hundred points, but I never gave up. I kept practicing and practicing and got on the U.S. team for the World Championships in Germany in 1998. Just this month, in Austin, Texas, I made the Paralympic Team for 2000 and will represent the United States in Sydney, Australia in October. I am currently the number one ranked Category B Saber fencer in the nation, and am ranked 13th in the world in both Foil and Saber. I am going to Sydney with one thing in mind: The Gold.

I currently fence, play wheelchair basketball, golf, tennis, scuba dive, race off-road, snow ski, water ski, play table tennis and kayak. I have my own business and travel all over the world. I am married to a wonderful woman and enjoy everything that life has to offer. I don’t take anything for granted and find that the most precious thing we have is the love we share with each other and with everything on this earth. I thank God everyday for this beautiful life.

Karol K. Truman

Karol K. Truman is a practicing therapist who is dedicated to helping others achieve emotional and spiritual well-being through resolving and healing their “core issues.” In her previous book “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die… (over 100,000 copies sold), she addressed the importance of resolving “buried” feelings introduced the concept of “Scripting.” Now, in her eagerly awaited follow-up, Healing Feelings… From Your Heart, Karol shares the wealth of knowledge and experience gained from the “Feelings… Seminars” and from the thousands of individuals she has counseled since publication of Feelings Buried Alive Never Die… She provides new insights and additional “tools” for helping her many readers realize the full potential of there Be-ing.
Karol, who is also an accomplished pianist and music instructor, has been exploring health and healing for the last 38 years. She began in the fields of nutrition and weight control, and her first book, Looking Good, Feeling Great was published in 1983. This book is still selling throughout the country.
It soon became apparent to Karol that physical health was inextricably linked to emotional and even spiritual health. Recognizing this, she became involved in an ever-deepening exploration of human energy systems. She has made an exhaustive study of the laws of cause and effect and the principles that govern transformational healing and growth. Her research, her counseling work, and the feedback from thousands of readers are distilled here to assist you in Healing Feelings… From Your Heart.