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"True happiness is not looking back with regret, but looking forward to the future and creating your own exciting, magnificent destiny and masterpiece, YOUR LIFE!" Discover your full potential ! ! !
Serve, love, forgive and pay it forward to make a difference!
Successful relationships give love, appreciation and recognition!




- by Melody Jensen

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The butterfly is a powerful symbol of the soul. When the soul recognizes the need for transformation, the soul dances to the MELODY of vibrant colors, joy and radiant beams of light.The butterfly tastes the fragrance and sweetness of the newly transformed life.The technology will assist you in discovering your own unique and magnificent transformation, as you travel through the circle of life.

As you travel through the circle of life it's important that you realize that transformation takes place when we truly love, give, recognize and contribute to others. is dedicated to discovering the full potential of individuals who have been victims of severe tragedy and long suffering. Every month we will spotlight individuals who have suffered in life in our column titled:

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Melody's Tips on How To Use Your Own Unique Imageprofile !

A transformation will take place if you follow these simple steps when using your Imageprofile.
This instrument has the greatest potential of assisting you in discovering your full potential more than any other personal development tool ever created.

Steps to create your own unique transformation for your circle of life !

1. Create a personal coaching system- Get a partner and share with each other your profiles ! Read it out loud to each other !

2. Realize, you have unlimited potential and you can create your own destiny! Write down your strengths from your profile and hang them on the mirror in your bathroom. Now select the weakness you want to start on! Use this as a personal monthly goal to improve yourself! Write it down and hang it on the mirror where you can see it. Do activities to strengthen this potential weaknesses.Every month select another weakness to work on.
At the end of the month have your personal coach listen to your positive results.
Every 3-6 Months retake your profile.

3. Apply the principal of "Pay-it-Forward", as seen in the movie. Good deeds transform the world exponentially! Give the gift of the Imageprofile to at least 5 people that you deeply love and care about! Invest in the ones you love. Do the coaching system with them! Take an interest in their profile, listen and give your encouragement through discussing their profile .This should open up honest communication and create a warmer, more loving attitude towards one another. You will bond your relationships because you have opened up the universes flow of energy for giving and receiving.
Your willingness to give will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life. Every action generates a force of energy that will come back to us ten fold.
We sow what we reap in a relationship and we choose actions that bring happiness, success and prosperity to others; our own unique transformation takes place. What goes around, comes around and understanding the true meaning of the universal law of cause and effect is the real secret to peace, prosperity and joy.

4. Make your list of loved ones: Family, Friends and Business Associates:
Coach them on becoming part of your coaching system network. Give them the gift of an Imageprofile and watch your relationship grow. Share it with someone you know who has experienced tragedy, divorce, long suffering, or career and financially difficulties.
In our fast paced world we are making the money, but we are suffering from the greatest disease of all, a lack of time, communications and love with our loved ones ( TLC Disease ).
I call it the living Dead ! You can have all the money and power in the world, but you can't take it with you; relationships you can !
The relationships you have right now can bring you sorrow, misery and heartache or they can give you great love, peace and contentment. You have the power to create your own destiny in dating, romance, marriage, parenting and in your career. Only you can choose your life ! If you were to die this very moment, how many people actually love and care about you enough to take the time and money to leave their busy schedules, to pay the respects at your funeral ?
If your answer is a negative one, just maybe more listening, time and effort could change that outcome.

5. Discover opportunities for growth ! Continue to revisit this site for the latest research in personal development technology. Visit our recommended resource page for inspirational books you can order online.

Our thoughts, our words and our deeds are the threads of the web we create around ourselves.

Discover the true potential of what is all about by sharing it with your loved ones and the coaching system.

If you follow these steps I've outlined, your own magnificent transformation will take place and your soul will dance to the melody of vibrant colors, joy and radiant beams of light. You can become like the butterfly that tastes the fragrance and sweetness of the newly transformed life !

Enthusiastically Yours,
Melody Jensen

PS: So Let Your Light Shine!

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