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"True happiness is not looking back with regret, but looking forward to the future and creating your own exciting, magnificent destiny and masterpiece, YOUR LIFE!" Discover your full potential ! ! !
Serve, love, forgive and pay it forward to make a difference!
Successful relationships give love, appreciation and recognition!




- by Melody Jensen

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Introducing now, exciting events and seminars entitled:

"Discover You and Be Happy!"
"What do Men and Women Really Want?"

• Let your spirit soar!

• Dream and experience the passion!

• Ignite the romance and love!

• Look and feel 10 years younger!

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Melody Jensen is proud to introduce for the first time in
Internet History an exciting new breakthrough in
personal development technology:


Profile your partnerships in your life!
Enhance your personal relationships:


What do men and women really want?

Have you communicated your needs and expectations in all
your personal and business relationships?

 Success is not only in finding the right person,
but in BEING the right person ! ! !

Don't make costly mistakes with your career or
business relationships...

Get it right every time in:

•Career Planning
•Correct employee job placement
•Evaluating emotional IQ

•People skills training
•Increase profits

9 full pages of beneficial information about your unique
personality is included in every imageprofile analysis!

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Introductory Special Offer !

regularly $49.95    

 NOW ONLY !   $34.95


For only $34.95 you will receive one complete:

Image Profile Base - which is your central theme of your personality; (strengths and weaknesses)

Image Orientation - which is your key behavior pattern of your personality in marriage, romance, dating, business, parenting, language of dress & color , sales training tips, and physical fitness.


Potential Strengths and weaknesses in decision making, communication, control of people and control of time!


The Benefits that you will receive are:

  1. People Skill Training - A greater understanding of yourself and others !

  2. Receive more love, appreciation and recognition !

  3. Improved relationships in marriage, dating and business etc. !

  4. Increase your sales, profits and recruiting efforts !

  5. Correct hiring and job placement !

  6. Improved Self Esteem and Confidence !

  7. Improved Parenting Skills !

  8. Image Tips !

  9. Individualized Exercise Tips !

This new tool for relationship and people skill training will increase your profit and expand your clientele. The Imageprofile technology is a new breakthrough in personal development that will give you the training and momentum you need to assist you with your personal relationships, as well as business. Corporate America is charged hundreds of dollars to profile for each employee. These profiles are not as extensive or as in depth as Imageprofile!
Discover your full potential in dating, romance, marriage, parenting, business, career and physical fitness.


"To look only because you must see, you'll end up dwelling in a gray world, to breathe only to stay alive is to lose a slice of your existence and to be an individual and not discover your full potential is to ignore the measure of your creation."

- by Melody Jensen


"When we want to change our life we change our thought."


Discover your own unique customized Image Profile designed to help you reach your full potential in all your relationships personally, as well as in business !


To reach your full potential, it is suggested that you take your
own unique profile every six months !



Melody Jensen is the founder of MJ Enterprises, MJ Signature Collection and MJ Productions. She is also the international spokesperson for

She has had over 35 years experience in the fitness, nutrition and image consulting industry. She has been a pioneer in developing, creating & manufacturing customized, holistically formulated product lines for the spa industry as well as the retail and direct sales industry. She developed the first turn-key total appearance and personal development image center 22 years ago in the first and largest spa chain ever created. She had her own columns in “Shape Magazine” and created the “Success Story Make-over Column”. She is a much sought after lecturer, trainer and appreciated expert on the subject of image building for major corporations, magazines, television, radio, colleges, universities and national as well as international beauty pageants.

Melody is an image consultant with the motion picture industry, actors, celebrities and entertainers alike. She has coached thousands of people in her international seminars and consultations. Melody is a producer of events and productions and she is involved in promoting her humanitarian crusade with, which is dedicated to nourishing the world and fighting against eating disorders. A donated portion of every MJ HLC Product goes to, who then takes her unique, cutting edge products to nourish the world and make a difference. Melody has three lovable children and two adorable Maltese puppies.


Are you looking for your next big event, seminar or sales training meeting?

Contact MJ Enterprises at (626) 422-6641 or e-mail at to schedule an exciting Keynote Speech, Event or Production. All events are educational, inspirational and motivational! Each event is custom designed to help you reach your full potential with your corporate success system!

Here is a list of Melody Jensen’s specialized topics:

• “A Day You Won't Forget”
• Discover You And Your Winning Image
• Change Your Thought And Plan Your New Life
• What Do Men And Women Really Want?
• Teens Prepare For Success
• Language Of Dress And Color
• How To Look And Feel Ten Years Younger
• Image Profiling To Improve Your Success In Relationships and In Team Building.
• Personal Development & Sales Training
• Corporate Business Etiquette



To the light and energy from God, the creation above, and to my loved ones for the past twenty years, who have persevered with their great listening skills, for countless hours as the information and knowledge unfolded.


"All this by Divine Right; Divine Intervention and with good for all concerned."

For more information on
The MJ Enterprises Events and Productions, contact:

Melody Jensen - Melody's Secret
626 422 6641


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